Blitz K9 Club of Waterford, Michigan

Professional Dog Trainers, Behaviorists & Pet Therapists

owner for homepageBlitz K9 Club helps to create positive relationships between humans and their canine companion with the end result of forming a great dog team!

We offer many types of customer oriented dog training in Greater Waterford, MI to help teach your pooch basic commands, assist with socialization, curb undesirable behavior and develop specialized skills; all with the end result of your dog becoming a wonderful companion to your family.

Training Dogs of All Breeds, Ages & Sizes

Our goal is to produce dogs that are obedient and conditioned to behave with good manners in the home, out in public and in the presence of other dogs.

Blitz K9 Club offers group classes and individualized training programs using firm instructions and positive reinforcement. We are Veteran owned and operated, and our lead expert animal trainer with years of experience supervises all training sessions.

Call us to help you realize your dream of having a happy, well behaved and adjusted dog!

Dog Obedience Training

Our dog obedience training results in a trained dog that is a pleasure to live with. Your dog will not jump on visitors, beg for your food, chew your couch, play aggressively or drag you down the street when you try to take them for a walk!

Dog Behavioral Training

Behavior problems in dogs typically get worse over time, so it is important to address them at the start of the issue. Blitz K9 Club can help you curb destructive and other unwanted behaviors in your dogs using positive and humane methods.

Teaching Dogs Basic Commands

Commands are a way of communicating with your dog and teaching them what’s expected of them. Our basic obedience training teaches commands such as “sit”, “stay”, “down” and “heel” etc.

Assist with Socialization

At Blitz K9 Club, our dog socialization helps your pooch feel comfortable in the presence of other dogs, around new people, and in unfamiliar environments and situations.

Curbing Undesirable Behavior

Our dog behavioral training focuses on curbing behavioral problems that stem from aggression, poor socialization, boredom and other common causes that result in them acting out.

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