Virtual Dog Training in Waterford, MI

At Blitz K9 Club, we know how valuable a well-trained dog can be. Owners that are looking for a full and rich relationship with their pet should understand that you can’t experience that to the fullest without some training. This is a complex process that leaves many dog owners turning to professional trainers like the ones at Blitz K9 Club. For some owners, in person training isn’t always feasible. This is why our team of experienced trainers now offer virtual dog training services. Using a computer, phone or tablet, you can now get the training sessions that your dog needs from the comfort of your home or wherever you might be. We offer virtual dog training via all popular platforms such as Facebook, What’s App and Zoom.

Different Behavioral Issues We Work On

There are several behavioral issues that can be addressed in an online training course with Blitz K9 Club. While we offer several specialized classes on different behavioral topics, our virtual online classes can be tailored to meet the specific needs that you’re dealing with as well. Following are some of the behaviors that we help pet owners conquer:
– Puppy Training
– Potty Training
– Crate Training
– Dog Obedience Training
– Dog Barking Training
– Fear & Anxiety Training
– Dog Separation Training
– Jumping
– Chewing

Virtual Dog Training is Convenient & Effective

While there might be some people that are concerned that virtual training sessions aren’t as effective as in person, group training, that just isn’t true. At Blitz K9 Club, we offer the same guidance and instruction for our clients and their dogs during our virtual sessions that we do at our in-person sessions. They biggest difference for owners is that they will do all of the handling of their dog during the session while we handle ours. This is something that can be extremely effective.

Benefits of Virtual Dog Training

There are certain situations where virtual dog training with Blitz K9 Club can be incredibly beneficial for both dog owners and their pets. As far as training goes, there is so much that can be done without coming into our facility. For many owners, virtual training is exactly what they need to change some difficult behaviors their dog is struggling with. Here are some of the main benefits that come from virtual dog training:
– Dogs that struggle with separation anxiety can truly thrive in a virtual training environment where their owner is doing all the hands on training with them.
– The training schedule is absolutely flexible so that it can be done during the most convenient times for the owners.
– You can maintain your privacy as you don’t have to plan on a trainer coming in your home or leaving to attend sessions.
– There are fewer distractions for your dog during sessions. Being in a familiar environment with familiar people is a great environment for learning.

Virtual Training for Dogs in Greater Waterford, MI

If you are in need of professional dog training, you can turn to Blitz K9 Club to help you have a rich and loving relationship with your dog as we work to fix any troublesome behaviors. Call us today!

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