As some dog owners may relate, I was very hesitant to reach out to a trainer. While there were several reasons for my uncertainty, I believe it was because I wanted to train my dog myself. However, I am SO thankful I met Ben. His teaching style is perfect. While he trains your dog, he also focuses on educating you and how to handle your dog in every situation possible. Ben is very personable, kind, and it is obvious he loves what he does. My dog, Mel, has grown so much in just a short amount of time! We are so proud of him. Thank you so much, Ben! Mel and I are eternally thankful. 🙂

Skylar Waterford, MI

I'm so grateful with Ben and Alisa! They were lifesavers for me and Mia (my beautiful chocolate lab) they started helping me since the first week I got her and thanks to there well balanced training techniques, Mia and I have a very happy life. It's not only the training part, is also their availability, support, and being there when you don't know what to do.
Thank you so much! You really are a blessing in Mia's and my life!

Lissette Royal Oak, MI

Ben came to our home for one on one dog training. Immediately it was clear that he has a high level of understanding and care for dogs. After our first session our dog demonstrated improvement and followed commands. Ben has made a huge change in our dog. Having the one on one experience worked great for us as we were able to observe the training techniques and practice them on the dog until the next session. I highly recommend Ben to everyone. His approach worked wonders with our dog.

Cindy V Bloomfield Hills, MI

Ben was excellent in his training of my Maltese yorkie, Rory. He even sent notes after the session so I could review them and continue training on my own. Thank you Ben for sharing your experience and training with us!

Melissa K Farmington Hills, MI

Ben and his assistant are awesome. My fur baby had no manners and could not walk on a leash when I brought him to Ben. In fact he was so bad I was contemplating giving him back to the person who gave him to me. After 2.5 weeks Rio has manners and I can finally walk him properly. He doesn’t go after my Pekingese anymore to great relief. I highly recommend Ben. Don’t look at others you don’t need to. You found someone who really will help you and take care of your fur baby.

CCleaver Rochester Hill, MI

We contacted Ben to help us with our dog’s aversion to male strangers. He’s been so patient, understanding, and persistent with our dog and helping us develop a plan to train him out of these tendencies. We’re so glad we found Ben, and are positive that his strategies and training are going to make our lives so much easier moving forward!

Nick Pontiac, MI

My dog was so fearful and Ben has been working with her for a few weeks now. The progress is phonomenal. She is gaining confidence and listening better every day. He knows how to read her and help her feel comfortable and confident. It is always a joy to work with him and see her progress.

Emily C Commerce Township, MI

Very professional! Personable & very knowledgeable . He made a big difference after his first visit. Can’t wait to work with him more along with Alissa.

Robin K Waterford, MI

Flexible, knowledgeable and helpful.
I had worked with my dog alot already but was stuck on a few things that i view as pretty basic so i felt like i failed. He showed me how to help my dog and even made me feel better about what i had done.

Rebecca K Royal Oak, MI

Great with the dogs. Knows how to handle the different personalities of each dog.

Jeanne L Bloomfield Hills, MI

After trying a number of different online trainers and reading materials we hit a wall with trying to train our pup. We found Ben and never looked back. He did a phenomenal job with her. His method is simple, smart and practical. He had her obeying basic commands on day 1… which is why we kept hiring him for many many days after that. We now have a well trained dog which means a happy dog. Thank you, Ben!

Rob Farmington Hills, MI

Our wire fox terrier pup loved Ben the moment they first met. His balanced training method worked well with her. We’ve been training with him for a while and our pup has definitely come a long way.

Pauline R Rochester Hill, MI

It was nice to work with as well as Ben

Deborah W Pontiac, MI

Easy and accommodating. Working on pricing.

Tom K Rochester Hill, MI

Ben was great with our smaller dog that had some fear issues around other dogs. He was very flexible in his one on one trainings and even did joint sessions with another dog within our family. He helped make our girl more confident and even trained us on how to read her behavior! I highly recommend Ben!

Heather U Waterford, MI

I immediately felt a connection with Ben on the phone. He connected with both dogs immediately when he came for a meet and greet. I'm looking forward to working with him and learning how to work with my dogs.

Stephanie Rochester Hills, MI

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