Is Virtual Dog Behavioral Training Effective for All Young & Old Dogs in Eastpointe, MI?

The key to enjoying your pet to the fullest is to make sure it gets the training that it needs to thrive. Everyone is much happier when your pet has been trained. Training isn’t something that comes easily to most people. It is a lot of work, and if you don’t know what you’re doing it can be especially challenging. This is why so many people turn to a professional trainer to get the help they need. However, going to a store and getting the training that your dog needs isn’t always a realistic option for some owners. Blitz K9 Club is here to talk about the option of online training and what dogs this is a good fit for.

What Dogs Are a Good Fit for Virtual Dog Training

When it comes to virtual dog training, there are a couple of considerations to make before deciding if it is the right fit. Not only does it need to be a good fit for the dog, but it needs to be a good fit for the owner as well. Following are some instances where virtual training is a good fit for owners:
– They are having a difficult time pinpointing the issue with their pet
– There are challenges with schedules and other limitations that make group training sessions in person not possible
– The pet is too young for in person training
– The pet is too easily distracted and hasn’t been socialized well

These are some instances where virtual training might be a good fit for a dog:
– Dogs that are younger than 10 weeks old
– Dogs that don’t have all the vaccinations required to make it safe to be around other dogs
– Dogs that have issues with traveling and struggle with carsickness

Common Behavioral Problems Fixed with Virtual Dog Training

There are several behavioral problems that can be fixed with virtual training. When your dog has behavioral struggles, it makes it difficult to enjoy your dog. Here are some behaviors that can be effectively fixed with virtual dog training:
– Socialization Challenges: Socializing your dog with not only other dogs but other people, is an important part of your dog’s training. You want them to be able to be around other dogs and remain calm. Likewise, they should be able to be around other people without jumping on them or charging at them.
– Leash Walking: You shouldn’t ever feel like your dog is walking you. A dog that is pulling on the leash needs to be trained to walk with a relaxed leash.
– Nuisance Barking: Your dog might be more vocal that you would like when others come near your home.
– Trash Raiding: Having a dog that gets into the trash or eats food off the countertops when you aren’t around, giving them proper training can fix the problem so that you can better trust your dog when you’re not around.
– Begging: No one wants to have a dog that is climbing on them or whining at them when they are eating a meal.

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