How Do I Know if My Dog is Touch Sensitive in Walled Lake, MI? How Do You Desensitize Dogs?

Dogs have the ability to bring nothing but love and joy to your life. They offer steady companionship that leave both the dog and the owner truly fulfilled. However, if your dog has a difficult time being touched, it could create problems. It can be difficult to do daily tasks like put a leash on the dog or even take them to the vet for a check up. It is important to remember that if your dog is touch sensitive, sedating the dog for vet appointments isn’t the only option. Blitz K9 Club is here to talk about what it means for a dog to be touch sensitive and what can be done to help them overcome this struggle.

What It Means for a Dog to Be Touch Sensitive

If you have noticed that your dog is flinching when you touch it or it is being touched by others, it could mean that your dog is touch sensitive. This is often manifested by fear or aggression when the dog is handled in any way. This can make taking your dog to the vet or to the groomer a difficult task. Some of the common signs of a touch sensitive dog include:
– Attempts to avoid being pet and moves head away when reached for
– Avoiding being picked up
– Pulling paws away during an examination or clipping
– Stiffening when harnesses or other gear is being put on
– Easily startled when waking up
– Alarmed when hind quarters are being touched

Causes of Touch Sensitivity in Dogs

There are a few different problems that can lead to touch sensitivity for dogs. Many dog owners that have a pet that suffers from touch sensitivity might be wondering what brought on these feelings in their pet. Here are some of the most common causes of touch sensitivity in dogs:
– Harsh Training Techniques: Some people might think that their dog needs to be forced into submission to properly train your dog. This can be harmful to the animal though. Anytime an owner uses force to will their dog into submission, it can have a negative impact on the dog’s behavior.
– Puppy Risk Factors: Some puppies are at risk of touch sensitivity before they even get to their new owner’s home. This usually happens for puppies that were in a puppy mill or kept in tight quarters when they were extremely young. It is important that these puppies are trained properly to avoid the problem getting worse.
– Past Abuse: Unfortunately, there are some dogs that have been rescued from abusive homes. This can create dogs with touch sensitivity because of past abuse that they have experienced.

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If you have a dog that is touch sensitive, you can turn to Blitz K9 Club to help them overcome this challenge. With the right training and care, a dog can overcome this challenge and thrive in their homes and with their owners. Call us today!

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