How Do You Set & Reinforce Boundaries with a Dog & a Baby or Toddler in Pontiac, MI?

There is truly nothing more adorable than a small child and their dog interacting and playing peacefully together. However, this doesn’t happen without putting in a little bit of effort. After all, toddlers don’t naturally play nice and soft. It is important that your dog as well as your toddler both feel safe in their relationship. Blitz K9 Club is here to share some strategies to help you create a safe environment for both your toddler as well as your dog as they learn to live together.

How Do You Read what Your Dog is Saying?

It is vital that any dog owner knows how to read their dog. While many people will be looking for growling, snarling, snapping and other signs that a dog is unhappy with their interaction with a toddler, there are so many other signs that your dog can give you. Some things that you should look for that mean your dog might be feeling stressed in its interaction with your toddler might include:
– Dog Yawning: This is a sign that you dog might be uncomfortable, believe it or not. Watch for any yawning when your toddler and dog are together.
– Avoidance: If you notice that your dog is subtly trying to get away from the child, it means they are uncomfortable and would rather not be around the toddler.
– Whale Eye: This is the look you often see in a dog’s eye when they aren’t facing the child, but their eyes are still focused on the child from the side. The dog will also look very tense.

Set & Reinforce Consistent Boundaries with Dog

Many parents and dog owners believe that proper training with a dog is all that it takes to make sure they are safe around small children. However, it is important to remember that there is a responsibility for the child to how to behave around the dog as well. There should always be monitoring between a child that is under two years old and a dog. You need to model the right kind of behavior before your child with the dog. This might include soft petting, a calming voice, and overall gentle behavior. When your child knows how to behave to the dog, there is a far greater chance that everyone will be safe.

Recognize When You Need Professional Guidance & Training

While you might feel like you can teach both your child and your dog to coexist in peace, sometimes you need to recognize that you need professional guidance. Turning to a professional dog trainer can be helpful in helping set clear boundaries between your toddler and your dog. After all, the last thing any parent or pet owner would want is for their small child to get hurt because the dog felt threatened. If you are having a hard time achieving this on your own, it might be time to turn to the professionals at Blitz K9 Club to help you get the training that everyone needs to have a safe and happy home where toddlers and dogs can coexist. Call us today!

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