What is the First Lesson or Skill to Teach a Puppy in Eastpointe, MI? Bonding, Potty Training & More

There is nothing more exciting than getting a new puppy. Dogs can give love and affection you can’t get anywhere else. They make a great companion for any family. When you choose to get a new puppy, it is important that you train the puppy so that you can truly enjoy the dog it grows into. There are some things that you should begin teaching your puppy as soon as you get it. Blitz K9 Club is here to share some of the things that you should be teaching your puppy first thing.

Get Your Puppy to Bond with You

One of the first things that you and those in your family are going to want to do with your new puppy is find ways to bond with it. You want the puppy to love you as much as you love it. You want your puppy to know that you are safe, reliable and filled with love. Take turns as a family feeding the puppy, walking together, and giving rewards for good behavior.

Socialization Period for Puppies

Another thing that you will want to start working with your puppy on right away is socialization. You want your puppy to know that the world is a safe place to be. You want them to have interactions with other children, adults and other dogs. Make sure they are exposed to bicycles, scooters, cars and other noisy appliances. Help them feel safe in the world they live in.

Crate Train & Potty Training

You definitely want to start working on potty training your puppy right away. Potty training and crate training are two things that can go hand in hand. Crate training your puppy can help you with potty training. Don’t give your puppy access to the entire house right off the bat. You should give them a smaller space that they can spend time in where an accident wouldn’t be as big of a deal. Providing a crate for them can help them feel safe when you need them to rest. They will also not use the bathroom in the same place that they sleep. When you take your puppy out of the crate, make sure they go straight outside or to the puppy pads where you would like them to get used to using the bathroom. Placing an article of clothing or something that smells like you in their crate can help them feel comfortable there and get used to spending time in it.

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If you have a new puppy that you are trying to train but would like some guidance on the process, you can turn to Blitz K9 Club for help. We will help guide you through the training process so that your dog grows up knowing the rules and is a well behaved animal. You will enjoy your dog so much more if you put in the work to train it when it is a puppy. Call us today!

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