What are the Signs of Attention-Seeking Behavior in Dogs in Royal Oak, MI & Should You Just Ignore?

Dogs are man’s best friend, and often will beg for their family’s attention. Where each dog seems to have their own unique personality, some will demand more attention than others. Why do some dogs seek out, even demand more attention than others? If you have often wondered why some dogs require more attention, then today, Blitz K9 Club would like to unveil some of the behaviors of our four legged best friends.

Why is My Dog So Attention-Seeking?

Every time your dog gives you that look or acts out in a particular manner, it is them craving your attention. Whether it is them pawing at you during your favorite TV show or playfully mouthing your hand, these actions are all aimed at getting you to focus on them. It is essentially their own unique language, their way of saying, “Don’t leave me out of the loop!”

What is the Root Cause of Attention-Seeking Behavior in Dogs?

But why do dogs pick certain behaviors over others? It’s all about trial and error. Dogs experiment to see which actions draw the most response from you. Over time, these behaviors become permanent because, well, they work! The occasional “Shush!” or even a gentle cuddle is all the incentive they need. Before you know it, every phone call you make is accompanied by a canine chorus!

How Do You Control Attention-Seeking Behavior?

While these behaviors are a natural instinct for our furry friends, they can be controlled. Meeting their needs, both emotional and physical, from day one is very important. By gradually building up the time you intentionally ignore them, starting as early as puppy-hood, you instill a sense of patience and self-control in your pup.

Should you Punish or Ignore Attention-Seeking Behavior?

Before you consider scolding them for their antics, take a step back. Punishing your dog can damage your bond with them and even encourage the very behavior you’re trying to stop. After all, discipline is still a form of attention, and in their eyes, negative attention is better than no attention.

How Do You Redirect Attention-Seeking Behavior?

This journey towards a harmonious relationship requires patience, understanding, and some dog-friendly strategies:
• Reward Alternative Behavior: Teach your dog other ways to communicate with you and then reward them for it. Like swapping those jumpy greetings for a calm sit-down hello.
• Play the Ignoring Game (But Be Fair!): While ignoring their antics can be effective, it is essential to ensure you are not neglecting their genuine needs or causing distress.
• Stay Ahead of the Game: Think one step ahead. Anticipate situations that might trigger attention-seeking and prepare accordingly. This might mean preoccupying them with a toy before your next Zoom meeting.
• Keep Them Engaged: Routine is your best friend. From scheduled play times to using interactive toys like snuffle mats, keep them entertained and content.

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Dogs have their own delightful way of telling us they need us. While it is important to understand and address the reasons behind their attention-seeking behaviors, it is equally important to remember that at the heart of it all, they just want to be close to you. So, the next time your phone rings and those lovely eyes look up at you with that unmistakable glint, take a moment to appreciate the unending love and joy they bring to our lives. For help in better understanding your dog, or if you are looking for quality dog training services, contact Blitz K9 Club today.

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