Why is Obedience Training Important for Dogs in Waterford, MI? A Trained Dog is Happier & More

There are many people that find the love and companionship that they need from dogs. These animals can quickly become a part of your family with their lovable personalities. However, all dogs need to have some training to get them to behave appropriately. When your dog isn’t behaving well, it can definitely put a strain on your relationship. This is where obedience training can come into play. Blitz K9 Club is here to talk about the many benefits that you will see when you go through obedience training with your dog.

What are the Benefits of Dog Obedience Training?

Following are some of the ways that you will see the relationship you have with your dog enriched through obedience training:
– Happier Dog: Just like humans, dogs need to learn basic “life skills”. The training helps them deal calmly with other dogs and humans – and lets them live a happier, stress-free life!
– Better Control: All dog owners should want to have control over their pet. It is important that your dog has the ability to listen to and obey short commands that come from you without having to raise your voice and yell. Some of the commands would include sit, stay, come, leave it and more. These are important basic commands that your dog should have down.
– Consistent Routine: Just like it is important for humans to have a routine, dogs will also thrive when they have a routine as well. Your trainer will help you establish a routine with your dog so that everyone is happier. It will be most important to get a sleep routine down.
– Socializing: It is important that your dog learns to socialize with other canines. You want them to be able to handle being around other humans without turning aggressive, and it is also important that they are able to be around other dogs without showing aggression.
– Safety with Other Person & Other Dogs: Obedience training is not only important for your relationship with your dog, but you also want to make sure your dog can have a relationship with others. When your dog is used to being around other people, it creates a safe environment for your dog and anyone that comes around it. You want your dog to be able to detect dangers on an appropriate level so that they can cope with the every day dangers that they will come in contact with.
– Community Involvement: When your dog has gone through proper obedience training, you might explore the world of therapy dogs. This is a great way to get involved in your community and involved your favorite furry friend as well. Many people find quite a lot of fulfillment when they and their dogs help others.

Dog Obedience & Behavioral Training in Royal Oak, Bloomfield Hills, Farmington Hills, Rochester Hills and other areas within an hour of our home base of Waterford, Michigan

If you have a canine that could use some obedience training and you don’t know where to start, you can enlist the help of Blitz K9 Club to help. We will help your dog become the dog that you have always wanted when we teach them some simple obedience right alongside you. Call us today!

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