Why is it Important to Crate Train a Dog in Walled Lake, MI? Improve Behavior of Dogs & More

Crate training is something that many dog owners and dogs alike can benefit from. This is a practice that many trainers have established and found to benefit all parties involved. While new pet owners might find that this is a hard idea to wrap their minds around, it is important to take a step back and look at the many ways both owner and dog can benefit from some crate training. Blitz K9 Club is here to talk about why you might want to consider crate training your dog.

Why is Crate Training Important for Dog Owners?

As a dog owner, you want to make sure you’re setting yourself up to enjoy your dog to the fullest. When you take the time to train your dog properly, you are doing just that. Crate training can be a big part of that. Let’s first talk about the many ways that crate training your dog can be beneficial to dog owners.
– When you have to leave your dog home alone, you can have peace of mind in knowing that your dog is in a safe place that doesn’t allow them to get into trouble while you’re away. They won’t have the room to create any bad habits while you’re away.
– It can be helpful when you are in the midst of potty training your dog. You don’t have to worry about accidents when you are away from the home or during the night hours. It helps you establish a routine for potty training.
– If you have guests or are hosting a gathering at your home, you will have a safe place for your dog to spend time so that they aren’t making anyone uncomfortable or putting more stress on you during the event.
– When your dog is crate trained, it makes traveling much easier. They have a place where they feel safe during your travels.

Does Crate Training Improve Dog Behavior?

While there are several benefits for dog owners, it is important to remember that the dog benefits from crate training as well.
– When your dog is feeling stressed or lonely, they have a place where they can retreat and have a safe space.
– Situations where they would normally feel fear or confusion are taken away because they have the training needed to avoid these problem behavior situations entirely.
– They get used to going potty only when they are let outside as they will not use the bathroom in places where they are sleeping.
– Your dog won’t feel loneliness when you are away because they are in a place where they feel safe and secure.
– They can be included in travel when traveling isn’t a big deal in a crate. They won’t be left out when the family is enjoying other places.

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If you haven’t crate trained your dog, you should consider doing so. At Blitz K9 Club, we can give you the tools and resources that are needed to successfully crate train your dog. Call us today!

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