Why is Positive Reinforcement Important when Training Dogs in Auburn Hills, MI? Better Learning & More

The power of positive reinforcement shouldn’t be a new concept. There has been study after study that has shown how beneficial it can be in helping get good results with parenting. There isn’t a big difference between training your dog and parenting. You are working towards a goal of teaching your dog how to be good and listen to and follow instructions, much like children. Just like children, there are many benefits that come from using positive reinforcement when you’re training your dogs. Blitz K9 Club is here to talk about how you can better train your dog with positive reinforcement.

How Do I Start Positive Reinforcement Training My Dog?

Rewarding your dog for good behavior isn’t something that has to be complicated. However, there are some ways to make sure you’re doing it right so that the training is effective.
– Get the Timing Right: If you are wanting to use positive reinforcement in your dog training, timing is everything. You need to reward the behavior right away. When we say right away, we mean within seconds of the good behavior or your dog won’t associate reward with the behavior. If you have told your dog to sit, make sure you give them the treat as they make contact with the ground so they aren’t confused at the command.
– Keep Commands Short: While you can use a full sentence to tell other humans what you are wanting them to do, it isn’t how a dog’s mind works. They will respond much better to one or two word commands. You should give them commands like “sit,” “stay,” “off,” “heel,” and so on. These are short and easy to follow. Their minds are wired differently from humans and will respond short verbal cues that aren’t complicated in nature.
– Consistency: Much like children, when you are using positive reinforcement for good behavior, consistency is going to be vital. Along with consistency, you need to make sure you’re consistently rewarding the behavior that you’re looking for and not accidentally rewarding bad behavior. Make sure everyone in the home is aware of what you’re trying to accomplish so that the animal isn’t confused by conflicting voices in the home.

What is an Example of Reward Training?

Following are some ideas of some rewards for positive reinforcement training:
– Treats are always a good choice for your dogs. They find them irresistible.
– Toys are another way that you can entice dogs. Using their favorite toy for short play after good behavior is beneficial.
– Affection is also going to be something your dog might respond well to. Giving them extra petting and affection after good behavior.

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If you are having a difficult time getting your dog to respond to your training, it might be time to try some professional positive reinforcement. You can turn to Blitz K9 Club to help you get started on your journey to fully enjoying your dog with the right kind of training. Call us today!

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